To opt our or not to opt out?

Let me preface by saying this is my own personal opinion and why I decided to opt out.

Link to FAA request to opt out : 

I am not a fan of releasing my address to the public.  I work from home and have a wife and kiddo there too.  If I ran this business out of an office, that would be a different story.  

Ask any of my clients or friends and they will tell you I am open to pretty much anything.  If you wanted the registration for my drone, it is located on the About page.  Do you want my 107 certificate number to match to the FAA registry? That is also located on the About page.  Personal and business cell phone number?  Check the contact page.  Home address/business address, I will not share.  The world is a scary yet beautiful and safe place full of good and bad people.   I love my family and respect their privacy as much as anyone else.  The same goes for my clients.  Unless they want me to post say real-estate addresses, I will not.  Your privacy is just as important to me.  

Personally I opted out because of my family, but one day when I have an office outside of my home, I have no problem releasing that address to the public.

Brady R.

Pilot, Editor, Owner