5 Reasons why Prone to Drone?

Let's dive right into it to make this super sweet and simple...

#1 Part 107 Certificate holder.  This means that I have completed the current FAA qualifications to fly a drone "in furtherance of a business".  If you do not have a part 107 pilot for things such as youtube videos (with monitization), commercials, real-estate listings, etc... the pilot is flying illegally.

#2 Airspace authorization for Las Vegas valley and more!  If you fly within any airspace for commercial purposes you MUST have authorization.  Obviously this is for the safety of our skies.  There have been several incidences of drone collisions with manned aircraft which are completely unacceptable.  If you are authorized in specific airspace, you should also have your commercial license as in #1 to understand and know the regulations.

#3 Insured.  Chew on this for a minute... say you are a realtor and you hire some joe off craigslist because they are cheap.  Chances are they are not licensed, authorized or insured.  If that pilot get's caught, you and the pilot could both be looking at $1100 per infraction.  Not only that, but what if they wanted to fly near the home and had a malfunction and crashed through your clients window!!!!  Who do you think would be fronting the bill for that one?  Or even worse if there was a failure and it actually struck a human.  Even if an unlicensed drone operator had insurance without a 107, the insurance would not cover the damage.  Just as if an unlicensed driver of a car got into a crash, insurance would not cover it.  Make sure any pilot hired has insurance and is licensed!

#4 You are dealing with one person from start to finish.  From booking to the flight all the way to deliverable.  

#5 I take pride in your satisfaction.  As a client I consider you family and I take care of family.  Nothing but the best is good enough.  

Let family take care of family.  Give me a call for your next listing, construction project, or party for all of your aerial needs!

Brady R.

Pilot, Editor, Owner